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About Me

Software Developer 👨‍💻 World Nomad 🌎 Motorcycle Rider 🏍️ Skateboarder 🛹 Surfer 🏄‍♂️

Hello, my name is Eric Nation, and I’m a Software Developer originally based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I have 8 years of professional web development experience specializing in UI architecture and Javascript technologies.

I have in depth experience with Angular, React, Wordpress, and building component libraries. I also have experience and am well versed in full stack Javascript technologies such as Nodejs, Express, and Firebase. I have a passion for designing and developing web applications and I'm always hungry to learn more, improve, and advance my skill set.

Other than designing and developing web applications, I enjoy skateboarding, fitness, surfing, riding motorcycles, traveling, the outdoors, music, and a bunch of other awesome stuff! I've been traveling the world and doing the whole "digital nomad" thing for over 4 + years now.

Countries traveled


What I do
Full Stack Javascript Development
HTML5, CSS/Sass, Styled Components, Javascript, Angular, React, Redux/NgRx, Node, Express, Responsive Design, Optimization, Accessibility, Webpack
UI/UX Development
UI Design, Flow and Navigation Charts, Wireframes, Prototyping, Content Structure, Information Architecture, Mockups, Reusable Components
Headless CMS/JamStack
Wordpress Customization, Development, Headless CMS, Netlify, JamStack, React, Irving, Sanity CMS


HTML, CSS - 95%
Javascript - 90%
Angular - 90%
React - 90%
Firebase - 70%
Wordpress - 80%
Node, Express - 80%
MongoDB - 70%
Sanity CMS - 80%


  • Wordpress
  • Web Storm / VS Code
  • Lodash / Underscore
  • Git / Github
  • Travis
  • Jira / Bitbucket
  • Trello
  • npm
  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • Webpack
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sketch
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Material Design
  • BrowserStack
  • Google Analystics


Some stories about web dev, travels, and other random things I feel like writing about.
Staying Sane with Sanity CMS, Gatsby, and GraphQL

Staying sane during quarantine by rebuilding my personal site with Sanity CMS and Gatsby. Read more about this tech stack and how I rebuilt this site.


For any business inquires or interest in collaboration please shoot me a message. 😃

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Home base is Phoenix, Arizona 🌵USA

However, I'm usually living abroad nomading around some of my favorite countries which include Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Netherlands, and Spain.

Current Location:  Portugal


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