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Project info
Employer: Tristar Date: April 2013

Launch Website

Tristar was launching a marketing campaign and sending out email blasts to their customers. The email was so they could redeem a $500.00 gift certficate that they could use for Tristar training classes. Marketing wanted the email to direct the customers to a microsite where the could fill out a form to redeem their gift certficate.

Process and Solutions

They needed this site completed quickly and I was looking for an opportunity to use and learn Zurb's front-end framework, Foundation. One reason Zurb developed Foundation was for rapid prototyping so this project was perfect for it. I needed to design and build this site quickly. And once I read over their documentation I was able to complete the microsite in just 2 days. Foundation's grid system is responsive and scales for any size screen. Users were able to access this site from their mobile devices and it looked great.