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Tristar hired me in January 2013 as their full time Web and Graphic Designer. TriStar is a company that specializes in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and provides business advisory, process consulting, systems selection and implementation, as well as user adoption and training services.

Their previous website was not responsive to mobile devices, the UI was outdated, and they were making some changes in the services they offered. Around August of 2013 they decided to completely redesign the site from scratch.Since their was only 3 designers/developers in the marketing department, it was a pretty big project.

Process and Solutions

During the planning phase we conducted meetings with the executives of Tristar and we were able to plan and organize the content and flow of information in a way the guided the user through the new site in a very direct path. Previously, Tristar's main focus on the website was to present all the products they offered to potential customers with a goal of generating leads. But now Tristar is focusing more on providing whole solutions to customers based on the type of customer they are, rather then just selling products.

After figuring out roughly how big the web site was gonna be and the requirements we decided Wordpress would be a good CMS to build the site on. All of us in the department were most familiar with Wordpress and we wanted to allow staff to easily add content and make blog posts. We wanted to the new site to have a fresh, clean and modern design to it. We used big crisp images through out the site and used a minimal flat color scheme. We've recieved very positive feedback from staff and customers all the way around since launching the site.