InkSoft Studio Themes


My first project when InkSoft hired me was to design and develop 5 new "Studio Themes". "InkSoft Studio" is one of InkSoft's product licenses that gives their customer access to a very basic website for their company. It also gives their customer access to the Design Studio which is embedded on the theme's Designer page. This product was targeted at potential customers who wanted just a basic website with some themeing controls and to have the Design Studio on the website. The only content and pages on the Studio Themes was the landing page, Design Studio page, a Contact Us modal, a Login/Sign Up modal, and a Terms & Conditions page.

Process and Solution

The main challenge I encountered designing these themes was finding a balance with the UI and the content. When I built these there wasn't hardly any dynamic content the user could enter from the backend. And they didn't want to add extra content fields at at the time so I didn't have much to work with. So trying to come up with content and components that were generic enough for the average user was a little difficult. The sites are very basic as far as content goes, but that was by design. A Studio License was an entry level product. After researching some popular website layouts at the time I designed 3 different themes with the ability to switch between a dark or light version of the theme. I had to take into account that users could load in images for their logo or just text. Text fields could be very long or very short for the site description, headline, sub header, etc. Background images for the carousels and herospace had very loose limitations on image size so I had to take that into account when coding the responsiveness of the site. Another requirement of this project was that all themes had to be responsive. I was able to complete this project in just 6 weeks from design to launch. The launch was successful and customer feedback was positive. Customers were happy they had more themes to choose from, more themeable options, and that they were responsive.