Los Santos Motorcycle Club

  • Los Santos MC site mock up - Eric Nation
  • Los Santos MC site mock up 2 - Eric Nation
  • Los Santos MC mobile mock up - Eric Nation
  • Los Santos MC mobile mock up 2 - Eric Nation
Project info

Los Santos Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle club established and located here in Phoenix, AZ. LSMC had been around for almost 5 years in 10/2013, and felt it was time for them to have a high quality web site. The club wanted a site that they could post their photos/videos on, a blog, a way to show their events, social media integration, and way to contact them. They had been recieving requests from supporters and friends out of state to buy their merch. So now they wanted an online store there supporters could buy their merch.

Process and Solution

LSMC wanted the ability to update and make changes to the site themselves so I chose Wordpress as the CMS solution for this project. I thought about integrating Big Cartel as a shopping cart for their online store, but after doing some research I discovered WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a free eCommerce toolkit plugin built for Wordpress. I had never built an online shopping cart before so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. More than 50% of the club's web traffic were on mobile devices so I designed this site to be responsive for any size screen.

For the social media integration I just used a plugin widget in the sidebar that showed how many users on Facebook liked the club's page. Their previous website was receving 0 - 5 visits a day if that. Now they're reaching 60 - 100 visits per day. WooCommerce ended up working out great, I highly recommend anyone building a WP site with an online store to use it. The club is now selling their merch to supporters around the country and even some outside the country.