How to Buy Creo

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Project info

Tristar is a Value Added Reseller of PTC software and Creo is one of their biggest products. Tristar wanted me to build a microsite template for the purpose of informing customers about the product and showing them how to buy it easily. How to Buy Creo is a microsite for consumers where they can learn about different Creo products, access Creo resources, and view media relating to Creo. The point of this site was to gain more traffic towards Tristar's main site and attract leads. .

Process and Solutions

Because Tristar wanted this site to be responsive on mobile devices I figured this was a good opportunity to use the Foundation framework developed by Zurb. Foundation allowed me to build this microsite and template quickly. Foundation has a built in responsive grid that works very well when scaling on different sizing devices. At one point in time, Tristar was building a lot of microsites so I used this opportunity to get creative and play around with different CSS effects.