Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants (ALIC)


ALIC (Arizona Liquor Industry Consultants) is a small business that consults, provides training, and assists anyone interested in obtaining a liquor license in the state of Arizona. They're one of the main companies that offer their unique services. They have huge clients such as the Outback Steak House, The Arizona Grand Resort, and Four Peaks just to name a few. When they came to me wanting a new website, their old website was in shambles and looked like it was from 1995. It was filled with broken images, broken links, and missing content. And at the time no one in the company even had access to the source files or the ability to edit the website. The guy who built the site before was unreachable.

The only real brand identity ALIC even had was their logo, which was also pretty old school looking. Another issue was that ALIC didn't have any real online presence besides their broken website. So my job was to give ALIC an online presence by building them a brand new website, creating social media accounts for the business, and giving the companty a new logo design that felt more fresh and modern. The goal was that by having an updated proper website, a stronger and more professional online presence, using social media to engage their customers, and ranking higher on search engines that they would be able to increase new clients by 50%.

Process and Solution

ALIC is very well know in Phoenix in the liquor industry for what they do. They offer unique services that attract huge clients such as Fox Restaurant Concepts. We wanted the brand and the website to reflect this level of professionalism and experience while giving the website a modern new design. In order to save time and money I chose a selection of Wordpress themes that I felt matched what we were trying to accomplish in this new redesign. This also allowed them to manage their own content and make their own blog posts. Once the client selected the theme they liked best I got to work on customizing the theme, writing copy and content cause the old site barely had any to offer, and asset creation. While I was building the site I reached out to my good friend Michael Walchalk who is a professionl Graphic Designer and Illustrator to design the new logo. Even though their old logo was unique and recognizable, it also looked cartoonish and wasn't very flexible. ALIC's CEO didn't want to stray to far away from the old logo so all I did was communicate to Michael to take the current one and make it more modern looking.

I worked with the companies VP and Operations Manager to write out all the copy and generate a mission statement. Another goal of the website was to help them generate more leads. This was accomplished by adding two forms on the website, one on the Contact Us page and another on the Training page. One of ALIC's popular services is their training courses they provide to companies employees. So we dedicated a whole page to Training providing general information, schedules, location, fees, etc. The form on this page allows people to sign up for classes on the website when before they would have to call in to even find out about the classes. Incoming calls to the office have improved in effeciency and time because a lot of the clients questions get answered on the website with the training, services, and FAQ pages. I created a Facebook and LinkedIn for ALIC which has allowed them to further engage their clients and potential clients. I installed the SEO Ultimate WP Plugin to improve their SEO and get them ranking higher. If you type the phrase "arizona liquor consultants" into Google Search, ALIC's website is #1. Overall, the client is extremely happy with the results and the way everything turned out.